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Bangkok Phuket Hospital Expands Its Specialized HealthCare Facilities

21494_2327_thaihospitalWhether you’re a resident of Phuket or a tourist simply enjoying a relaxing holiday, when it comes to your wellbeing, it’s hard to dismiss the the ol’ saying, “If you don’t have your health, you have nothing.”

What good is it if you possess all the material resources you could ever want, but ill-health prevents you from living a fulfilling life otherwise? And, let’s take it a step further when we require more than just standard check-ups and procedures. This is where specialized healthcare can pay off in spades, and Bangkok Phuket Hospital has taken note by enhancing its services in this niche.

More specifically, colorectal diseases such as colon and prostate cancer are being diagnosed and treated at the new Colorectal Disease Institute. Led by an internationally indoctrinated specialist, Dr. Art Hiranyakas and his team, the advanced technology used is exclusive to the institute and is not available anywhere else in the southern provinces.

For instance, the team uses a robotic surgical system named da Vinci. It’s comparable to an endoscopic surgery whereby tiny dissections are made, then a microscopic camera and surgical instruments are inserted and viewed on an external monitor.

The distinction however, is this system (typically for prostate diseases) uses robotic arms and tubes which are operated by controls using the hands and feet. This procedure is three dimensionally displayed to allow the doctor greater control and precision. Using this non-invasive technique makes it easier for the physician, with a more favourable end result for the patient.

21494_4877_surgeryNot only does Dr. Hiranyakas perform the aforementioned surgery, but he also specializes in an endoscopic procedure named laparoscopic colorectal surgery. This involves abdominal cavity issues related to both the large and small bowels. Dr. Hiranyakas favours using the da Vinci device due to its versatility and ability to be remotely controlled. Dr. Kiranyakas stated: “This technology is actually meant to be used for space surgery. You can operate on people in outer space and it’s even used for surgery in war.”

Bangkok Phuket Hospital has had its doors open for several years concerning other specialized sectors, such as the beauty/cosmetics and dental fields. However, after seeing the benefits and potential to enhance specialized healthcare in Phuket, Dr. Hiranyakas elected to move from Bangkok to establish the institute.

It is the hospital’s goal to develop additional cancer treatment centres in the near future. This will provide more expansive services for a myriad of disorders and diseases. Furthermore, it will be of great convenience to reduce the need for patients to travel to Bangkok for such healthcare.

Additionally, the popularity in medical tourism in Thailand shows no signs of abating, given its affordable cost and state-of-the-art facilities. However, it’s comforting to know that such specialized treatments are becoming more common on the island for both expats and locals alike, without facing the pricier alternatives in western countries.

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